Christmas bazaar by "Farmhopping"

The team of "Holi lend" LTD is very happy that our honey became a part of the Christmas bazaar organized by "Farmhopping" that took place on December 12-13 at the hospitable sunny hall of betahaus in Sofia.

Except for our sweet honey jars, our colleague-farmers from all over the country had brought to Sofia a great variety of products - fresh vegetables, wine, bread and pickles, even living birds!


мед за здраве

Bee honey is healthy!

Bee honey is not a regulated drug, but the thousands of years of experience of popolar medicine as well as the latest studies of contemporary medicians assign it among the natural products with healing features.

Its healing powers have been well-known since ancient times: it does not irritate the stomach and is easily absorbed by the body, it helps in cases of various diseases and calms the nervous system. In popular medicine the bee honey is recommended for the healing of wounds, in its natural shape or as "finest balm". Indeed, honey is irreplacebale foodstuff in the daily menu of people. This is mostly due to its remarkable content: vitamins of the groups A, B, C, K, E, organic acids, enzymes including invertase, lipase and numerous chemical elements, that are found in blood in very small quantities.

According to nutritionists, honey is especially needed by those who love meat and pastry because it is a well-known fact that "the fats burn in the flame of carbohydrates", and bee honey is particularly rich in carbohydrates.

The regular use of natural honey acts calmingly to the central nervous system, significantly improves the functions of the stomach and intestines.

It is healthy to consume honey, but in limited quantities.