Christmas bazaar by "Farmhopping"

The team of "Holi lend" LTD is very happy that our honey became a part of the Christmas bazaar organized by "Farmhopping" that took place on December 12-13 at the hospitable sunny hall of betahaus in Sofia.

Except for our sweet honey jars, our colleague-farmers from all over the country had brought to Sofia a great variety of products - fresh vegetables, wine, bread and pickles, even living birds!

Honeydew honey

манов мед, мед от роса

When around the apiary there are no nectar sources, bees collect mildew and transform it into the honeydew honey. Honeydew honey outmatches the colored varieties of honey by its content of dry matter and mineral salts. The darker honeys are richer in minerals. It possesses antibacterial and antiprotozoal action.