Christmas bazaar by "Farmhopping"

The team of "Holi lend" LTD is very happy that our honey became a part of the Christmas bazaar organized by "Farmhopping" that took place on December 12-13 at the hospitable sunny hall of betahaus in Sofia.

Except for our sweet honey jars, our colleague-farmers from all over the country had brought to Sofia a great variety of products - fresh vegetables, wine, bread and pickles, even living birds!

Bee pollen

пчелен прашец, прашец

Bee pollen is the second amount of food collected by bees.

Bee pollen contains a wide spectrum of basic health nutrients: all B-complex vitamins and vitamin C. They are soluble in water and therefore they must be taken daily. Bee pollen also contains vitamins D, E, K and beta carotene (vitamin A). Due to its rich composition and pronounced biological effect pollen is used as a dietary supplement to enhance the body's resistance, increase immune strength, and protection against respiratory infections.

It has good effect in the absence of appetite in children, stunted growth and delayed dentition.

It is preferred by athletes who take it for strength, energy and health maintenance. It is believed that bee pollen is completely harmless to the body. It can be consumed in combination with honey, or dissolved in water, juice or milk.

Bee pollen is the richest in nutrients of all products produced by bees.


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