Christmas bazaar by "Farmhopping"

The team of "Holi lend" LTD is very happy that our honey became a part of the Christmas bazaar organized by "Farmhopping" that took place on December 12-13 at the hospitable sunny hall of betahaus in Sofia.

Except for our sweet honey jars, our colleague-farmers from all over the country had brought to Sofia a great variety of products - fresh vegetables, wine, bread and pickles, even living birds!

Jan 4, 2012

Honey - tasty and healthy

Honey and honey-related products have been popular for thousands of years. We all know and like the taste of honey.

It's not just high-calorie food, but a healthy product because it restores our strength after fatigue and weakness, makes our mind clear and sharp and helps for the normal activity of all body systems. Thus, it restores our working capacity after serious illness.

According to leading nutritionists, honey is particularly needed by those who love meat and pastry, since it's a well known fact that "the fats burn in the flame of carbohydrates", and bee honey is especially rich in carbohydrates.

Regular consumption of natural honey calms the central nervous system and significantly improves the functions of the stomach and the intenstines.

The most popular way of using honey is its oral consumption. It is usually grabbed with a teaspoon and it's important to be kept in your mouth as long as possible. Many people use it in tea, milk, juice or even coffee.

Honey is also applied externally in cases of skin disease - for lubrication, compression and local baths. For these purposes are prepared water solutions and  ointments containing honey.

For inflammatory diseases of the throat and the other organs of the respiratory system you can make an inhalation with honey using a solution containing 50% honey.

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