Christmas bazaar by "Farmhopping"

The team of "Holi lend" LTD is very happy that our honey became a part of the Christmas bazaar organized by "Farmhopping" that took place on December 12-13 at the hospitable sunny hall of betahaus in Sofia.

Except for our sweet honey jars, our colleague-farmers from all over the country had brought to Sofia a great variety of products - fresh vegetables, wine, bread and pickles, even living birds!

Jun 15, 2015

Summer freshness - lemonade with honey and mint

Home made lemonade is an incredible drink for cooling and refreshment during the hot summer days. It does not only refreshes us but it can also be very healthy because it gives our bodies vitamins and energy. Sweetened with honey, lemonade is even more tempting, with its mild taste and all useful properties of honey.

To make the most refreshing and cooling lemonade possible we use two lemons, two limes, two spoonfulls of linden honey, a liter and a half soda and a few fresh mint leaves. We peel and shake the fruit and the mint in a blender. We leave behind a few slices of lemon to put in the drink when it's ready. We mix with the honey and the soda in a big jug and fill it with ice. We serve the home made lemonade in cold glasses decorated with mint leaves and slices of lime. Cheers!